Q2: Mo' Money Less Stuff


Stuff is just stuff. Possessions can be replaced. You cannot. We cannot purchase a meaningful life. We can only live it. One day at a time.
— Joshua Fields Millburn

Q2 of Mo’ Money Less Stuff challenge done ☑

That means half of the year is complete! With only a few slip ups. To review the rules, head here.

It feels good but has also been difficult. As Spring and Summer finally came, I found myself with gaps in my wardrobe that I desperately wanted to fill! I even had items in my cart online and had to click out of the window several times to avoid buying.

I had a couple big events in Q2 as I was lucky enough to have been the matron of honor in my best friends wedding! One was the bachelorette party, which was a weekend trip to Miami and the other was the wedding. No matter how hard we try, there are always extra costs associated with weddings. I’m sure those of you reading who have been in weddings know exactly what I’m talking about! It’s not a negative at all, I was beyond thrilled to contribute to the wedding, bachelorette, shower etc. but it did teach me a lesson that I need to be thinking farther ahead and setting money aside for these things.

Here are some positives from Q2:

  • I spent about $500 less overall in Q2 than Q1 which isn’t huge but is still good

  • I spent less on food & dining in Q2 than Q1 which is my largest spending category

  • I’m making headway on dwindling my credit card debt and am confident that my spending patterns moving forward will be better than they have been before!

  • the items I purchased that were technically violations are items I have already used many times, and will continue to for years to come. At least they were functional! Here’s what they are : workout leggings and sports bra from Athleta, replacement rain-boots from Everlane (old ones were falling apart), pajamas for my friends wedding that were nice-er looking (AKA not a t-shirt and sweatpants)

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 1.17.09 PM.png

Here is a chart from Mint of my Q2 spending! Please note that the “shopping” category includes iTunes, Dog Stuff, a few Amazon purchases, and my Rent the Runway dresses from weddings this season. “Home” includes rent and any utility related expenses.

It’s also a bit confusing because Sam and I don’t fully have our finances combined yet. So my spending is sometimes a bit off as I get more of the groceries and Sam might pay more when we go out to eat, so it doesn’t always reflect the right numbers.

Do any of you use Mint? Sometimes I get frustrated with the way it labels things. Also, it doesn’t always recognize refunds properly. For example if I bought something at Target under the Shopping category, and I returned something, Mint sometimes puts the refund amount under Income instead of Shopping. Then the categories don’t reflect the right amounts.

Since Food & Dining is consistently my largest spending category, I’m going to try something in Q3 that is a little different. As you might know I am a “conscious” meat eater. Meaning I only eat meat/eggs etc. that I know and understand where it comes from and how it was raised- meaning pasture raised, humanely raised, grass fed/finished, small farms and ideally local. BUT, this is an expensive endeavor. In Q3 i’m going to avoid purchasing meat in order to save some money, while also avoiding any harm to animals and helping the environment- stay tuned!

Thanks for reading ❤