Mo' Money, Less Stuff

Happy 2019!

For me, 2019 is going to be about mo' money and less stuff. My friend Becca and I recently read the book The Financial Diet and were inspired to create a challenge for ourselves for the new year. It may seem very strict, but for me shopping is sometimes a slippery slope, so I need to restrict it in a way that makes me step back and examine my money habits. Here are my "rules" that I'm going to stick to for ALL OF 2019. (Sam thought there was a typo and that this was supposed to be a 1 month challenge!)

In college I was quite the shopper. I would order tons of cheap clothing online and I worked at a clothing boutique where I likely spent two times the amount that I made there (though I do still wear things I purchased while working there, shoutout to Swank Boutique in Columbia, MO for lasting pieces!). Over time I've learned to do better, but I still feel a sense of urgency to save for the long term things I want to do and for our family goals.

Aside from the financial stability part, there is a HUGE portion of this that is motivated by reducing waste, and being more mindful about the items I'm brining in to my life. Less purchases likely means less waste and of course I'm excited about that!

I like to do challenges like these because I have a competitive spirit and like to try different ways to reach my goals. For me, I don’t look at it as a negative thing but more of a motivation to better myself.

I will share a blog post on how things are going once per quarter to keep you all updated! Thanks for reading :-)

Mo’ Money, Less Stuff

1 . No shopping for ONE YEAR for myself (gifts for others excluded but purchase frugally)

  • Exceptions are necessary items such as groceries, essential cosmetics, dog food/treats. If something fails/breaks I can replace it if it cannot be fixed.

  • If something is purchased as an essential, I must donate or up-cycle the old item as a “one in one out policy”

2. No online ordering miscellaneous items

  • There are a few select brands that I use for personal care products that only sell online. Other than that, online purchases off limits.

    • (Also, so much packaging! )

3. No manicures/pedicures unless in a wedding  (I don’t get facials or any other treatments so not including those here.)

4. Lunch: bring my lunch at least 4 days per week

5. Other meals: Only eat out once per week (unless it’s a special occasion or pre arranged date)

6. No coffee out unless I BYO mug (once per week max)

*Review budget (I use Mint) weekly and confer with Sam re groceries, dog food, etc.

* Go through closet/ house once per season to sort through non-essentials and donate items or recycle accordingly