Sugar Detox Challenge

My summer has been amazing, fun and busy, but a little too full of treating myself. I want to do a sugar detox to help reduce bloat/ inflammation and to reduce my cravings for something sweet after every meal.


 Why the weird timeframe? Sam and I are going to Italy at the end of September and we want to really clean up our eating prior to the trip.  I hope these resources help and that you'll join me for the challenge from August 13th- September 20th.  

Also, let's clarify that this is a no ADDED sugar challenge. Fruit is okay. We are staying away from natural sweeteners as well such as honey, and maple syrup. 

DISCLAIMER: I am not a certified nutritionist/ dietician/ doctor etc. This info is all based on my personal research and experiences!  

Below is a sample grocery list of our "basics" when we go grocery shopping. It always changes from week to week depending on what recipes we are making. 


The name of the game here is READ THE INGREDIENTS. Look out for anything ending in -ose or a syrup. There are many different names for sugars and sugar substitutes so when in doubt Google it or don't eat it! Yes this means you may have to be the annoying person at a restaurant asking whats in the salad dressing. 

  • THE SUPER OBVIOUS: candy, soda, most chocolate, baked goods.



  • YOGURT (we like Fage plain or Siggi's plain both full fat versions)


    • aspartame, stevia, etc.


    • easiest would be to make these at home or opt for beer or wine in moderation. (although I recently learned that some wine could have added sugar in the production process, not sure on this one!)

    • I'm going to avoid alcohol during this challenge but let me know what works best for you! Beware of fruit juice as often times it has added sugar.


    • make your own and avoid dried fruit

  • BARS!

    • most bars have added sugar but please let me know if you have another good one besides RX Bars!

    • i'm going to allow an occasional RX Bar as they are only sweetened with dates but my policy will be for emergencies only. Traveling, don't have food, need something on the go.


    • make your own or be sure to read ingredients


    • this is a super frustrating one. MOST bread has sugar in it so really watch the ingredients here. We like Silver Hills Bakery "Steady Eddie" or Food for Life 7 Sprouted Grain Bread.


    • almost all dried fruit has added sugar, it does exist without it but eating dried fruit is kind of like "candy" for me so I will try to avoid it.