Whole 30 final thoughts


We made it! I’m so excited and proud that we finally accomplished the Whole 30. I have talked about it so much in the past, but I was finally were able to follow through and actually do it. We definitely followed the Whole 30 plan to the “T”, and I’m certainly glad we did. In my opinion if you are going to commit to something this strict/ intense, why do it half-ass?

I have to say that I feel great! One thing I have been really pleased with is how full my meals keep me throughout the day. I said this in an earlier post but my non-Whole 30 diet was relatively healthy, but I would get EXTREMELY hungry in between meals which would cause me to have more snacks to tide myself over. During the latter part of the Whole 30 I felt very steady throughout the day and didn’t get so ravenously hungry in between meals. I’m not sure what the major cause of this is… more fats? more protein? Nonetheless i’m really pleased with this!

Another positive is that my headaches have significantly decreased. It is hard to say what it was exactly that helped with this. Grains, sugar, dairy? I guess the post-Whole 30 life will shed some light on this when/ if I reintroduce certain food groups.