Whole 30 week 1 recap


We’ve made it through 1 week. I normally would say that Sam and I deserve a celebratory treat/breakfast/pizza/etc. but NOPE! Not allowed. This week was hard for me. I felt hungry pretty much all day long, and really low energy. On Sunday, Sam and I had a family event and a lunch afterwards at an authentic Italian Pizzeria. It was so, so hard! Pizza is one of my favorite foods, and most of the food (and wine) that was served we couldn't eat. Leaving the lunch starving, we went to Chipotle for a quick-fix, Whole 30 approved meal [Lettuce, Carnitas, any salsa except for the corn salsa, and lots of guacamole]. It was extremely satisfying! Later that evening, I badly cut my pinky finger on my brand new mandolin (purchased specifically for the Whole 30), and had to go to Urgent Care to get it patched up. Needless to say, I was beyond “over” the Whole 30 by the end of the day. 

My tips for week 1 :

1. JUST. DO. IT. Don’t contemplate quitting because its too much work, or you don’t think it will be worth it. You’ve already committed, so just do it .

2. prep, prep, and don’t stop prepping 

3. have a partner in crime (even if its someone no in the same state or city as you, you can talk and complain your way through it all !)