Whole 30 prep day

The Sunday before our first week was a ton of work, I must say. We just had a birthday party for Sam at our apartment the previous weekend, so I was attempting to purge our house of beer/wine. I contemplated having a “drink our booze” party, but that didn’t end up happening.  I tossed everything that wasn’t whole 30 compliant that was perishable, which wasn’t much because we did a good job of using all of our groceries the previous week. I also threw out anything in our pantry that would be potentially too tempting. I didn’t throw out all of my traditional baking supplies, quinoa, rice, beans, etc. because I didn’t want to waste them all and will potentially use them in the future depending on how life-changing these 30 days are.

After doing some “light” meal planning, I made a grocery list and headed off to the store.  I also stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond and bought this mandolin that a friend had recommended to me and I highly recommend it!! Already used it for week 1’s salads.  I’m typically not one of those people who plans every meal of everyday in the week, so I just picked a few recipes from the Whole 30 Book and from various websites, or my brain, and went for it!

Got loads of groceries (Saturday we purchased our meat at the farmers market) and headed home to prep/ chop/ organize our pantry and refrigerator. It was already overwhelming to me how much preparation this required, but hopefully it will be worth it and I will adjust. When you work Monday- Friday, 9-5 you really have to use Sunday as your prep day because it is so hard to do serious cooking at night after work. It seems as though we will have more than enough food for the week, but we will see.

I think I am most nervous about the no-grains. We don’t eat a ton of them, but we usually always have them with breakfast which really seems to work well energy-wise for me. Nonetheless we are ready for week 1 ! Stay tuned….